Monday, May 23, 2011

~ How Far important takaful for future????

How are you going to pay for the high medical & living expenses if something unfortunate happens to you???  You might not be able to work anymore and don’t tell me you are going to depend on your family… It so embarrassing….hurmmmmm

Insurance is more practical & effective than SAVINGS…because savings cannot assume your FUTURE RISK for you. When you encounter misfortunate or illness, the bank will not give you any compensation or help you ride out of the storm.
The bank can only help you to save money with “interest”. These savings will depreciate in value over time. Will your savings be enough to bear the expensive medical cost and family’s living expenses caused by inflation?

Q: I already covered by company??  Company also provided medical benefits
= Yess that’s right…but to remind that company protect when you at the company but also have limitations….When you resign or change job or retire you are not covered!!! So think carefully how you in future??????

Q: I have ASB….i dun worry bcoz I already savings at ASB…
= Congrat…but are you sure you not do withdrawal??? If something happen to you, of coz you use that money……is I right???? So you start do savings from zero…..hurmmm

Conclusion : sekiranya kamu mempunyai insurans/takaful ini dapat membantu anda meneruskan kehidupan seperti biasa walaupun anda di sahkan sakit…if kematian waris yang di tingglkan tidak akan terkapai kapai untuk meneruskan rutin harian….
So keputusan semua ada di tangan anda..anda yg berhak tentukan masa depan anda sendiri…..dan yg paling penting “MALANG TIDAK BERBAU”…if berbau kita boleh aturkan hidup kita sendiri…..pikir2kanlah…..

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